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Tea is one of the most important components in a bubble tea café. Selling tea that isn’t brewed correctly is enough to ensure your customers won’t return. Why? Well, the majority of people just assume you just throw a handful of leaves in a pot, pour in a load of boiling water and leave it to brew. But what if there are too many leaves? Or too much water? What if you leave the tea to brew for too long? If you do any of these things it will impair the taste of your tea. Don’t assume the customer isn’t smart enough to tell the difference or that you can cover the taste by adding more sugar, creamer or powder. That’s how you lose custom!

If you don’t brew for long enough or brew with too much water, your tea will not taste of anything. It will be weak not just in taste but in colour too. Vice versa if you brew for too long or with not enough water, the tea will be too strong and bitter.

Each type of tea tastes different, they have different brewing times and the water needs to be a certain temperature. Water temperature is the most critical element in preparing the perfect tea.

When the Bubblelicious Tea team was visiting Taiwan, we were fortunate enough to have learnt how to brew tea properly. Tea is deeply embedded into the Taiwanese culture, so where better to learn how to make it than here?

We have recipes for brewing the tea we sell, Assam black tea and Jasmine green tea. (Coffee black tea has same brewing time and temperature as Assam black tea)

Ratio of Tea to Water - 20g:800ml

Ingredients -
Tea Leaves

Equipment -
Sieve/Muslin cloth
Tea Barrel

Instructions –
Boil water in the pot.
Once water is at the correct temperature add the tea leaves.
Green Tea: Brew for approximately 6 minutes at 82-85 degrees celsius
Assam Black Tea: Brew at 90 degrees celsius, for plain tea 8 minutes, for milk tea 10 minutes
Once brewing time is up, remove the tea leaves from the water by pouring the liquid through a sieve or muslin cloth into a tea barrel.
 Once the tea is in the tea barrel, it will keep warm for around 4-8 hours.
Discard of any tea that isn't used at the end of the day, brew fresh daily.

Tips -

Do not leave the heat on when brewing the tea. Turn it off and cover the pot with a lid.

Do not stir the leaves about too much. The leaves should be set still as excess motion will release more tannins resulting in a bitter tasting tea.

If you really want to be meticulous refrain from using tap water and use bottled artesian water.

We hope this article will aid you in brewing the perfect tea!

Come and see what teas we have available!


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